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Welcome to the archipelago of Lošinj and to the largest of the islands Lošinj. Lošinj's tourist beginnings are linked to health tourism, as the benefits of climate and vegetation of the island were first discovered by the wise Austro-Hungarian aristocracy.
Mali Lošinj has a moderately warm rainy climate, with the warmest month of July with the mean temperature 24.5°C and the coldest month of February with the mean temperature 7.7°C.

Did you know that ...

... the archipelago carried the common name Apsyrtides in the ancient time
... the islands of Cres & Lošinj are the home of 190 bird species
... the waters of the coast of Cres and Lošinj are the playground of about 150 dolphins
... one of the most valuable archaeological discovery from ancient times was found in the waters of Lošinj: the bronze statue of the athlete Apoksiomenes from the 4th century BC
... Lošinj has over 220 km of walking trails